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25 Year Celebratory Dinner – Tuesday 14th April 2015

A Fabulous Banquet held at the RAC in Pall Mall and hosted by Dr Manahel Thabet.

I am trying to re-enact the feat by Simonides of Ceos in 5th Century BC when he named all the dinner guests from memory after they were sadly crushed to death when the building collapsed.

Fortunately, the RAC has very sturdy walls so thankfully the guests remained fully functioning breathing beings!

Thank you to the Brain Trust Charity for presenting me with a lifetime achievement award:  A beautiful Crystal “Ace of Spades” presented by Chess Grandmaster Raymond Keene OBE.

Also, the re-launch of Synapsia brain magazine by Brain Trust Founder Tony Buzan.

Memory Slam

Congratulations to George Watts who wins our new format for the UK Schools Memory Championships.

Click here for a clip of the show


Memory Slam, the last in Watch’s season of factual entertainment pilots, combines documentary with the tension of a real-world competition, following gifted youngsters at the final of the UK Schools Memory Championships. Co-founded by Dominic O’Brien, the UK Schools Memory Championship has established an enviable reputation for helping students acquire powerful mental skills to improve both learning and self-confidence. And now, for the first time in its seven year history, the eight highest ranked competitors from eight UK regions were invited to London to take part in a televised final, which also went behind the scenes to discover what it takes to become a national memory champion.

By the end of this nail-biting contest one winner was crowned the UK Schools Memory Champion 2014: George Watts from Cardiff. Take a look at the clip above to see them in action. Think you’ve got a good memory? Take a look at what these kids have to do! It’s no Generation Game, er is there a cuddly toy?

Rachel Riley now uses Memory techniques

After working on the show “Memory Slam”:

” Yeah, I’ve started trying to do it on Countdown with names, because so many contestants come through. We have at least six a day so I’m just trying to imagine them in weird situations doing weird things! That’s the thing: it’s all about building mental images and the weirder the images the better. But you do remember things; they do stick in your mind for a lot longer.”

Full interview with the Guardian


Tony Tens ~ to enlighten tens of millions

Tony Buzan is acclaimed as the world’s most innovative educator. His passion is to teach children how to Use Their Heads and to acquire the essential skills of Mental Literacy. These include the Keys to Creativity, the Powers of Memory, Speed Reading and IQ, all channeled through his unique invention of the Mind Map. In search of his Quest, Tony has addressed, by Royal Invitation, the World’s Intellectual Elite at a conference of Nobel Laureates in Jordan. He has entranced vast crowds of aspiring schoolkids in Sierra Leone, Soweto and Sri Lanka. These are but a few of the destinations where he has carried the flaming torch of his powerful and inspirational message. “My dream is to Enlighten the Planet” Tony Buzan.







Now Tony has joined forces, with the Educational Philanthropist, Dr Manahel Thabet, President for MENA”(Middle East and North Africa)” of the Global Brain Trust Charity to unleash the vast untapped resources of the planet’s young and educationally deprived. Read more