Neuro and Biofeedback

By measuring and monitoring mental and physical outputs, it is possible to learn how to adjust them to an optimal state. 

NEUROFEEDBACK is the measurement of the electrical activity in the brain (brainwaves). By attaching small sensors to your head and then viewing the brainwaves on a computer screen, you can learn to modify your mental state.

“If you can control your brain activity, then you can control your life and your experiences in life” – Michael Hutchinson

BIOFEEDBACK monitors physical responses such as muscle tension (EMG), heart rate (EKG), respiration rate and skin conductance (GSR). By viewing these levels on a computer screen, the individual develops an awareness of their physiology and can learn to adapt it. Neuro/Biofeedback positively rewards individuals by using audio and visual feedback when the correct changes are made. 

Peak Performance Training integrates both neuro and biofeedback into the training. This is integrated with our unique AVE (Audio-Visual Entrainment) device. We use the very latest technology developed in this specific field. The equipment used and for what purpose depends on the clients requirement and the desired outcome.