Audio Visual Stimulator (AVS)

Audio-Visual Stimulation (AVS) technology influences your brainwaves and is an extremely effective, non-invasive method of rapidly re-educating your brain’s natural ‘balance-point’.

You may have heard how listening to classical music can calm your mood or make an individual more receptive to learning. Conversely fast dance music can make you feel energised. This is called the Frequency Following Response (FFR).

As well as using a rhythmical beat, a number of pulsating light sources are used. This has a synergistic effect, compounding the training benefits.

Audio Visual Stimulation

Influence your brainwaves and rapidly re-educate your brainwaves with AVS………

If you wish to make a purchase the light and sound equipment then we can recommend the David Siever units…..

Utilising this principle and researching the exact science, Peak Performance Training has developed a sophisticated AVS device. After 1000’s of hours of experimentation and research, we have developed one of the world’s first AVS device fully operational under a MS Windows environment. The optimal nanometer of light frequency has been tested and the software can be accurately programmed to within 100th of a second.

This device is core to the efficacy of the training and is an integral tool. It’s development has been based upon the training objectives of our clients. One of the many benefits of AVS is in how it decimates stress which in turn helps to restore natural working memory.

We do not sell this device as it is used specifically for training clients who attend our courses. However, if you wish to purchase Light and Sound equipment then we recommend the David Siever units featured above…

Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) Products

Mind Alive Inc. has been designing, developing, researching and manufacturing Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) devices since 1984. These AVE devices send flashes of lights using a pair of eyesets and pulses of tones through a pair of headphones to gently guide the brain into altered states of consciousness.