Memory Training Courses


Memory Training

Courses are tailored specifically for your needs whether One-2-One or for Groups

The Training is for High Performance Individuals, Corporations, Public Open Courses,  or Students.

Elements of a typical course include but are not limited to…

  • Becoming a Memory Champion

o       Introduction

o       Memory – Smart training for your brain

o       Demonstration of memory power

o       Your Memory and Why we forget

o       Short term and Working Memory – the Secret revealed

o       Baseline measurements – a fun test

o       Words, Numbers, Names and Faces

o       The Art of Memory

o       The Three Keys – Association, Imagination, Location

o       The Link Method



  • The Tools Of Memory

o       Story Method – Absorb knowledge fast

o       How To memorise a magazine or Newspaper

o       Your Brain’s Potential

o       Brain Functions

o       Note-taking – Mind Mapping

o       Imagination

o       The Journey Method

o       The Art of Number Memorisation

o       Simple Number Shapes

o       The Dominic System


  • Application

o       Extraordinary feats of number memorisation

o       Practical Applications

o       How to Be a walking Calendar

o       How to become a “Spelling Bee”.

o       Exercise

o       Brain film

o       Art of Observation

o       How to remember foreign Vocab



  • Advanced Memory – Study and Learning

o       Mnemonics

o       Extended Acronyms

o       Reading Efficiently and Effectively

o       Remember thousands of Facts and Figures

o       How Memorise an entire Dictionary

o       The Art of reviewing

o       Primacy, Recency – Keep the knowledge forever

o       Food for thought – Nutrition

o       Oxygen and Stimulation



  • How is Your Memory Now?

o       Memory and brain training – the future

o       A look at a champion’s EEG

o       Audio Visual Stimulation

o       Remembering cards to boost your Memory Power

o       Your memory now

o       Competition Time

o       Final word

o       Q & A

Clients include:

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