If You Want to Experience “Brain Training” here is information on the Technology used…

Decade of the brain

The 1990’s was called the “Decade of the Brain”. The last ten years has revealed more about the workings of the brain than ever before. It is now possible to learn how to use your brain to maximum effect, be it to improve your memory or to halve your golf handicap.

There are optimal states or brain frequencies at which your brain should be operating, depending on the task in hand. The key to peak performance is to be able to shift between these states on demand.

For example, to concentrate, read, and memorise effectively, your brain requires unique states (SMR, Alpha and Theta). By learning to combine or to switch between these desired states, you can begin to unleash the full potential of your mind.

To play golf to your best capabilities you must be able to control your mental state. Once your learn to quieten and focus your mind, instantly, you can then reach the optimal state commonly known as “The Zone”.

Peak Performance Training has developed it’s own unique training technology comprising of both EEG and AVE devices.

The following pages will explain in more detail the techniques and technology used by PPT.