Dominic O'Brien

Eight Times World Memory Champion and Current Senior World Memory Champion

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…that Best-Selling author of 13 books on Memory, corporate trainer and speaker Dominic O’Brien once memorised 54 decks of cards after just a single-sighting of each card? He teaches business professionals, public figures and  entire audiences to significantly improve their memory and cognitive ability in their personal and professional lives.



In 1994, Dominic was named Brain of the Year by the Brain Trust of Great Britain, and the Grand Master of Memory award was presented to him by Prince Philippe of Liechtenstein.

Dominic co-founded the World Schools Memory Championships in 2008 with Chess Grandmaster Raymond Keene OBE, and inventor of Mind Mapping,Tony Buzan.

His Best-Seller, “How to Develop A Brilliant Memory – Week by Week”  ranked Number One on Amazon UK.


Dominic’s phenomenal talents have also made him a celebrity “Memory Man” around the world. He’s a regular on both radio and TV. Here are some of the shows he has appeared on:


World Record Holder



Multiple Guinness World Record Holder and author of Best-Selling books, Dominic O’Brien is in the Guinness Book of Records for memorising the order of 54 shuffled packs of playing cards having viewed them just once.

How does he do it?

How can you harness the true potential of your own memory to memorise staggering amounts of data?





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you-can-have-an-amazing-memoryDominic’s work is based on the simple message: train your memory and increase your brain power, train your working memory and increase your fluid intelligence, stay mentally fit no matter what your age.

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“O’Brien is probably the top memory expert in the world today and has written many books on the subject.”

Derren Brown

British Illusionist, Mentalist and Author

“Sensational… Amazing!”

Liza Minnelli

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