A Memorable 25 years for the Mind Sport of Memory

Welcome to the home of Mind Sport of Memory 

The Mind Sport of Memory was jointly founded by Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene OBE in 1991 when they staged the very first World Memory Championships. The created a competition format based on ten memory disciplines which is still used today in competitions around the world.

The vision of the World Memory Sports Council is

  • to put memory skills training and mental literacy skills at the heart of the education system worldwide
  • to make learning mental literacy skills and memory techniques accessible to all irrespective of income, culture, circumstances, location, age, or gender
  • to inspire people to take up the sport at every level by the achievements of our elite mental athletes
  • to raise the profile of our memory stars and to ensure they receive the international recognition that their achievements so richly deserve
  • to promote the highest levels of integrity, ethics, values and sportsmanship throughout the sport
  • to attract commercial sponsorship to be able to support the educational and charitable objectives of the organisation
  • to grow the sport in all continents and to eventually make it an Olympic sport

SCHOOLS MEMORY CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTATIONS Pictured at the first SCHOOLS MEMORY CHAMPIONSHIP at the Park Inn in Northampton is Raymond Keene for info contact Ray Hodges 01628 894793 or r.hodges@hpsgroup.co.uk Picture by Adam Fradgley

Joint founder of the sport Raymond Keene OBE,  has the executive role of Global President of the Sport.  Joint founder Tony Buzan continues his role as Ambassador Emeritus for the sport.

There are five separate regions for the sport worldwide, each run by a Regional President.  They are:  Dominic O’Brien for the UK, Europe and Russia;  Dr Manahel Thabet – Middle East and Africa;  David Zhang – Asia Pacific Region; Prince Marek Kasperski – Australia and New Zealand;   Michael Gelb – North America and Canada; and  Dr Jorge Castenada – South American Region.  The regional presidents will be responsible for the National Memory Sports Councils in their territories, plus all certification and accreditation.

One of the most successful achievements of the past 25 years of the sport has been the exceptionally high level of arbiting of memory competitions by Chief Arbiter Phil Chambers and his international team of voluntary arbiters worldwide.  Some time ago The Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters was formed to train, develop and certify volunteer arbiters. Phil Chambers has now been appointed Life President of G.O.M.S.A in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the sport over the last 25 years.

“This is an exciting moment for the Mind Sport of Memory,” says President Raymond Keene. “The last 25 years has seen interest in competitive memory grow in every continent.  The sport now needs to be moved onto a more professional footing to better support our competitors, our competition organisers and fulfil our vision to put memory skills training and mental literacy skills at the heart of the education system worldwide. I am excited to have such  a strong line up of Regional Presidents who will be Ambassadors for the sport in their territories and attract the attention of governments, educationalists and commercial sponsors.”

 The Brain Trust Charity is the official Charity of the World Memory Sports Council.  The mission of the charity is To promote research into study of thought processes, the investigation of the mechanics of thinking, manifested in learning, understanding, communication, problem solving, creativity and decision making; to disseminate the results of such research and study and to promote generally education and training in cognitive processes and techniques and to develop and exploit new techniques in cognitive processes.

The Brain Trust also provides financial encouragement for mental awareness and practical cognitive activities of all kinds.To donate to the Brain Trust Charity or to support its work in any way please feel free to contact info@braintrust.org.uk
Our representation worldwide includes London, Cape Town, Dubai, Hyderabad, Liechtenstein, Mexico City, New York, Santa Fe, Shanghai and Sydney.